Solution Overview

ViaNetTV IPTV client middleware and applications enable operators and telecommunication providers to deliver content and services with unparalleled responsiveness and a Consumer Electronic look that will delight IPTV subscribers. ViaNetTV’s IPTV middleware and applications are built on a standards-based open architecture that lets operators offer services that increase satisfaction.

Middleware for Smooth, Sleek IPTV UIs

Imagine application user interfaces that are beyond simple color branding and logo insertion. Imagine user interfaces that are graphically rich, with smooth animations and transitions, allowing your customers to feel the richness and quality of the service. This is what ViaNetTV software can provide – a consumer electronic look to user interfaces based on design flexibility and customization using standards-based languages (HTML and JavaScript) and easy to use design tools.

Unparalleled TV Experience with Extremely Fast UI Responsiveness

Consumers want an IPTV service experience that is easy to use, feature rich, and provides TV applications that enhance their TV watching experience. ViaNetTV applications provide an extensive application feature set coupled with a level of responsiveness that is unparalleled in the IPTV industry.

Lowered Deployment Costs & Reduced Capital Operating Expenses

In order to reduce time-to-service to achieve a faster ROI, IPTV operators need software solutions that can reduce deployment preparation time and its costs. ViaNetTV client middleware and applications have been designed for simple and speedy integration. To help operators bring down CAPEX, ViaNetTV delivers a complete IPTV client solution that can scale from high-end, memory-rich devices right down to low-cost, resource-constrained platforms.

Standards-based Content Development

Readily available portal content that is compelling and tailored for your service offering is a key for opening an additional IPTV service revenue stream. With ViaNetTV’s client middleware and applications, your content developers, or 3rd party content development communities, can leverage their creative imagination, using open standards, to create exciting content and interactive information services for your IPTV customers.

Open Architecture

Ready for Multi-Vendor IMS Environment, ViaNetTV’s client middleware and applications give operators the freedom to choose any STB vendor and server middleware provider (i.e. streaming video servers, EPG servers, encoders) for their solution. Vendor independence is realized due to ViaNetTV software’s open architecture and documented, easy to use APIs.